Vocals: Anne

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Anne has been singing all her life! She started voice lessons at age 8 and never looked back. She fronted a high school rock band at the age of 12 and went on to study voice and theater at the Hartt School of music. Anne has performed many styles of music as the featured vocalist on Carnival Cruise Lines and fronted the Good Times Band for numerous wedding and private events in NJ. She has created and collaborated on 4 NYC cabarets. After taking some time off to raise the next generation of rock stars, Anne is glad to be singing again with FastForward!FF E5

Vocals: Charli

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Charli is our latest member and brings her high energy talents to our all star lineup!

Guitar: Roger

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Roger started off by playing drums at the age of 5. At that time he was listening to his sister’s Beatles and Motown records. He knew then that music was going to be a large integral part of his life. Then came Jimi Hendrix. It was then, at age 14, that he knew he wanted to play guitar. Borrowing an old Sears & Roebuck guitar from a friend, he started off playing basic chords and listening to the sounds of Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Eric Clapton, Robin Trower, Frank Marino and BB King among others. He would spend countless hours listening to their records trying to copy their styles. Once he honed his “chops” on guitar, he started playing in bands as a teenager, playing high school proms, and parties. He then graduated to college playing “Mixers” and other events, then eventually starting bands covering many genres of music, in addition to playing at weddings and parties. Roger has been in many bands : Red Riding Hood, We The People, Dog Days, The Boogie Men, Known Offenders just to name a few and playing in and around the tri-state area. Although work and life have their priorities, the music was always there and will always be there.


 Bass:  Andrew

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Andrew started playing the stand-up bass in school orchestra, later moving on to stage band, pit orchestra and numerous bands through out jr & high School.  During college Andrew continued to play in between classes in various Massachusetts venues. Once in the working world Andrew keep busy with side projects with his friends around long island and westchester, including a 10 piece band that played long island and Manhattan venues. The proud father of 2 boys he is very excited to be part of Fast Forward.  Check out his work here:

Drums: Jimmy

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At an early age Jimmy was influenced by music.  Coming from a musically inclined family, Jimmy was inspired to listen and learn music always intrigued him.  What propelled and moved Jimmy to pick up the sticks and hit the skins was his brother Peter.  Peter is an accomplish drummer who is 8 years Jimmy’s senior.  Jimmy would watch intently as his brother practiced playing the drums, jamming with friends and playing that mysterious instrument that caught Jimmy’s eye, the drums!  Jimmy being the younger brother was told by both his parents and his brother to leave the drums alone –don’t touch, they’re your brothers, off limits!   Well, those words became music to Jimmy’s ears!  Don’t’ touch, yea right!  Well, of course he did!  Jimmy picked up those sticks and history was made!

Jimmy is a self-taught musician!  Although Jimmy does not read music he feels every beat of the music playing all genres of music by ear!  Besides, his brother, the drummer that also inspired him greatly was Danny Seraphine from the Band Chicago (CTA).  Jimmy plays and sings a mean Beginnings, come check it out at our next gig!  Throughout the years Jimmy would play with numerous bands and friends alike.  Mostly basement bands as well as a few Battles of the Bands!

Jimmy has played with several Westchester based bands, Trilogy (2 years), MT KAGE (12 years) and the Vintage Kings (6 years).  All three bands played at many local venues throughout Westchester County and Southern Connecticut.

Today proudly Jimmy is a member of FastForward, playing with a group of very talented and accomplished musician’s!  Jimmy is happily continuing to make music, preforming vocals and of course playing his DRUMS, and always thanking his brother Peter for being his inspiration!FF B2Jimmy

Keyboards : Greg


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